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Facebook is one of the world most used social media platforms. It is used by millions of people daily around the world. Over the years Facebook has changed itself greatly. It evolved from simply status and photo sharing platform to an advertiser giant and video hosting platform. Facebook users share daily thousands of video on the platform and it is not unusual if you like one or more videos and wants to save it to your device. But downloading videos from Facebook is not that simple.

How To Download Video From Facebook To Laptop?

You cannot download video from Facebook directly. To download a video, you need Facebook video downloader. You can download video either by using an online website based tool or software installed on your personal computer, laptop or mobile phones. Both works fine but majority of user likes the online tool. To download a video from Facebook follow these steps. Go to Facebook page and copy link of the video that you want to download. Now go to tool of your choice and paste the copied link in the tool. Next click the download button and the video download will start. This is what a simple Facebook Video downloader does. A best Facebook video downloader like gives you more download options. Best Facebook Video Downloader For PC – The best Facebook video downloader for PC or laptop is It is a lot better than other such tools in many ways. Some of its unique and distinctive features are given below.  

How To Download Video From Facebook Online With

To download a video from Facebook using follow these steps.  

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