Privacy Policy

We took the privacy of our users and subscribers seriously. We neither share any of our visitors’ data with others nor do we store any of them for personal use except that which we believe can help us to understand our users’ interest in this site better, to serve them better.

Users’ and Subscribers’ Personal Data

Users’ and subscribers’ personal information such as their First and Last Name and Email addresses that they use during the creation of account will never be shared or publicized. We take the privacy of our users for grant. Your personal information is in safe hands and will never be shared.

Anti-Spam Policy

FBDown.Pk is strictly against the practice of spamming and sending unsolicited emails to general public particularly to its users and subscribers. We do not practice any such method and also forbade others from using our reference in their spam emails. In case if anyone was found violating this policy, strict legal actions will be taken against him/her on all grounds.

Use of Cookies

Where it is necessary FBDown.Pk uses cookies to store some basic information about visitors’ preferences which we believe could help us to understand our users’ interest in this site, to serve them better.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 26 November 2022 and is applicable till next update.